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Updated: April 06th 2001

Hello, and welcome to my fledgling site!
Some Notes: This is a
Wufei friendly site.
All Opinions expressed on this site are mine, and are not meant to offend. I made this site for me, because I'm obsessed and I needed a place to obsess. My
Open Diary was getting full of rants, and they needed a new home.
I threw in my fanfic(s) and a couple of pictures too. The archaic design is because I haven't progressed beyond simple HTML yet. *laughs*^_^ Please enjoy your stay!

"torn" and the Chronicle of an Insane War
The main reason(s) why I like Gundam Wing so much in the first place... (not up yet)

The Purposes of People and Things in Gundam Wing
A brief description of who does what, and the purpose of each character. (incomplete)

Marie's Gundam Wing Rants and Observations
All of my thoughts as I watched the series. Random spazing. Most likely to offend.

Wuffie vs Wuff
Humor: Wufei and Worf (from Star Trek) have it out!

Gundam Wing fanfiction.

Pictures of The Boys
Erm, ano, pictures?

Links to fanfiction archives, and other great fan pages, and helpful GW pages. (not up yet)

Webrings I am a part of!